Fight Injustice

Two 25 year prison sentences. A $500,000 fine. Ten years probation.

What was the crime that deserved this harsh sentence? An 18-year-old set up in a police sting for the sale of about $3,000 worth of pain pills.

Misty Croslin was a first time offender with no prior criminal history when she became the target of a law enforcement system that preys on the poor, weak, and vulnerable.

An inexperienced and incompetent public defender told her to plead guilty because she would receive no more than six years in prison. She accepted his legal advice and was promptly sentenced to two 25 year terms (served concurrently).

Since Florida has no early parole system, even with good behavior under the best possible circumstances Misty will serve 21 years in prison.

In Misty’s case our most cherished beliefs about the American justice system have been shattered. Entrapped by law enforcement. Assigned inadequate and misleading legal representation. Handed two extreme 25 year sentences when she was eligible for a six year maximum sentence under Florida’s Youthful First Offender Law. The punishment in this case far exceeds the crime.

If that offends you, good, you’re a decent human being. Join with us to support Misty as she tries to win her freedom.


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