Florida Taxpayers to Pay $449,300.00

It costs $17,972 a year to keep an inmate in a Florida prison. So when Judge Wendy W. Berger sentenced Misty Croslin to 25 years in prison (instead of six years as a youthful first offender), she also sentenced the citizens of Florida to pay $449,300.00 in tax dollars — all for the crime of selling $3,000 of pain pills in a police sting.

Punish Misty’s $3,000 first time non-violent offense by making the taxpayers of Florida pay almost half a million dollars. Does that make sense? If so, thank Wendy Berger for spending your tax dollars.

That’s $449,300.00 that won’t be going to protect you from violent criminals, won’t feed the hungry, won’t provide medical care, won’t repair roads and bridges.


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