193,000 Supported a Puppy. 250 Support Misty.

193,000 people signed a Change.org petition to fire a business executive who was shown on video kicking a puppy. And you know what? It worked. He was fired. And the dog went to a new home. That happened because people got together and demanded an end to something wrong.

Misty has been kicked around for years by the legal system, but so far only about 250 people have signed her Change. org petition.Wouldn’t it be nice if just half of the 193,000 people who were outraged by seeing a dog abused were also outraged by Misty’s inhumane sentence: two 25 year terms in prison, two $500,000 fines and five years probation for a first time non-violent offense of selling $3,000 of pain pills to an undercover cop.

Help change something that’s wrong.

If you haven’t yet, please sign Misty’s Change.org petition now.



One response to “193,000 Supported a Puppy. 250 Support Misty.

  1. Kalani

    Says a lot about justice for poor whites in america. Truly and bizarre and depressing


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