Polygraph Testing 101

Let’s clear up some old business about Misty’s polygraph test.

It’s legal for the police to lie and say someone failed a polygraph test even if they passed. But why would they do that? To ratchet up the pressure on Misty. To pin the crime on someone. To stop looking like bungling Keystone Cops in the national spotlight.

You probably also know that the only reason anybody heard about the so-called polygraph test results is because the police leaked it to the media. Again to increase pressure on Misty and control public perceptions about her.

And we all know that polygraph tests are never allowed in court because sometimes guilty people pass them and sometimes innocent people fail. The test is used — and sometimes misused — as an investigative tool, but the results are not reliable.


2 responses to “Polygraph Testing 101

  1. have the fbi first give her and Tommy another lie detector test and post the results


    • Since polygraphs are unreliable and not considered evidence in court there’s no point in taking one. Do you think if Misty passed that law enforcement would want her set free after they went to so much trouble to entrap her?


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