Pro Bono Appellate Attorney Needed for Misty Croslin

With the appeal date coming up soon, the search is still on for an appellate attorney to step up and take on Misty Croslin as a pro bono client. At a time when federal drug sentencing guidelines are being re-examined and reduced, it makes no sense for a first time youthful drug offender like Misty to be sentenced to two 25 year terms in prison and two $500,000 fines. All for convictions on selling about $3,000 worth of pain pills.

But without the help of a skilled appellate lawyer, Misty will be condemned to spend at least 21 years in prison even with time off for good behavior. There is no early parole. She has been in custody since January 2010. She was eligible for sentencing as a first time youthful offender with a maximum six year term. Misty should be getting ready to be released from prison, but she is less than 25% into her sentence.

Who gets a 25 year sentence? Drug kingpins who sell millions of dollars of illegal drugs. Mob hitmen implicated in multiple murders who have good lawyers. Not teenagers on a first time non-violent drug offense. The 25 year sentence is the result of a witch hunt by law enforcement and an over-zealous judge on one side versus poverty and an inept public defender who told Misty she wouldn’t get more than six years if she pled guilty.

While Misty did a great job of winning her right to appeal on her own, she now needs a skilled appellate attorney to handle the actual appeals.

Who will step forward to correct this injustice?


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