November 6, 2015

Misty Croslin is due back in court for her appeal on Friday, November 6th. She is still in need of an attorney.

What you should know about this appeal:

  1. Public defenders are not provided for appeals in Florida.
  2. The cost of appealing her convictions in two counties is approximately $20,000. Obviously Misty does not have any money.
  3. Her only hope is for an attorney to step forward and take her on as a pro bono client. So far this has not happened and time is running out.
  4. If Misty loses this appeal she does not get another chance. Since there is no parole in Florida, she will serve at least 21 years in prison — even with good behavior — for selling $3,000 worth of pain pills to an undercover police officer in a sting operation designed to entrap her. This is insane.
  5. Misty needs your help. If you know an appellate attorney in Florida, please make him or her aware of Misty’s situation and her urgent need for representation. Time is fast running out.

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