All Eyes on Florida Courts

Misty Croslin needs your thoughts and prays and a good laywer as she prepared to have her appeal heard on Friday, November 6th, 2015.

Currently serving two 25 year sentences and two $500,000 fines for the crime of? Selling about $3,000 worth of pain pills to undercover police in a sting operation that targeted Misty. A six year sentence was available under sentencing guidelines, but Judge Wendy Berger chose to over-ride those sentencing guidelines for a first time non-violent youthful offender and sentence Misty as if she were the head of a Mafia family importing and selling millions of dollars of drugs.

Meanwhile, President Obama and his justice department recognize the insanity of the lengthy drug sentences and have released dozens of federal prisoners who were too harshly sentenced. “The time does not fit the crime,” the President said recently.

Unfortunately, under US law, the president can only pardon or facilitate early release for prisoners charged with federal crimes in federal prisons. It is Florida Governor Rick Scott who holds the key to pardoning Misty or releasing her early.

Let’s hope sanity prevails.


One response to “All Eyes on Florida Courts

  1. Lynn

    What happened in court? I am afraid nothing happened in her favor due to a lack of funds for an attorney but I don’t know of any other source reporting.


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