Happy Easter


Wishing Misty Croslin, her family, friends and supporters an Easter filled with happiness, new hope and peace.


One response to “Happy Easter

  1. Thank you for your kindness and for posting this beautiful wish Easter wish to Misty and the Croslin family. I wish they had a Happy Easter. Misty’s Easter service was cancelled today, and neither she nor any of the other inmates were able to celebrate at Easter service. They weren’t able to even walk the grounds, as they remained closed today. In addition, Lisa’s mother has been in the hospital in serious condition for one month, and Hank, her husband, spends his nights by her side, while he continues to work six days a week. Please, everyone, support Misty by donating to her legal fund at justiceformisty.com, so she can continue her legal battle to win her freedom. Unlike every one of us who is not incarcerated, Misty can’t choose her church, her school, her job, or where she lives. Every donation helps. Please give $5 or $10, or whatever you can afford. This is not some anonymous plea for help; this is real, and Misty and her family really need your help. Please sacrifice one pack of cigarettes, one Big Mac, or one bag of chips and donate to pay back Misty’s legal fund. We can’t afford to help her without the assostamce of each one of you. As an added incentive, I’m matching all donations up to a total of $500 for the Month of April 2016. Please help! – Brad


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