Misty Writes From Prison

misty court

Misty Croslin in court with her attorney.

“I’m back from court. I pray that something good comes out of it this time. My mama, she is really sick and I need to be out to help her. So I really hope the judges are fair.” — Misty Croslin

Misty appeared in a St. Johns County courtroom on Tuesday, March 8th, to appeal her “no contest” plea to eight charges of drug trafficking in 2010. Since her conviction involved charges in St. Johns County and Putnam County, judges from both counties were present to hear her petition for post-conviction relief.

Misty is appealing her conviction on the grounds that the plea was involuntary based on the failure of Robert Fields (her original attorney) to advise her of the mandatory sentence and that her plea was based on off the record promises made by her attorney that would receive a maximum six year sentence.

Although she was eligible for sentencing as a youthful first offender with a maximum six year sentence, Misty was instead sentenced to two 25 year terms in prison plus a $500,000 fine plus five years probation at the end of her time served. All that for being entrapped in a police sting during which she sold $3,000 worth of pain pills to an undercover police officer.

“I put my trust in him (attorney Robert Fields),” Misty testified. “I didn’t understand any of it.”



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