Pardon Misty, Governor Rick Scott


Many people are asking why President Obama doesn’t pardon Misty Croslin. The short answer is, even if he wanted to, he can’t. The President can only issue pardons or reduce prison time if the person is convicted of a federal crime.

Since Misty was convicted and sentenced on state charges, only Governor Rick Scott (Republican) of Florida can set her free or reduce her prison time.

Hank Croslin, Misty’s father has already written twice to Governor Scott asking him to give Misty a second chance. I have written to Governor Scott also. There has been absolutely no response from the Governor.

Perhaps Governor Scott can explain to Florida taxpayers why they are keeping Misty in prison for 25 years at a cost of about $30,000 per year for the crime of selling $3,000 worth of pain pills. Is that money well spent?

Misty is not a threat to society. She is a first time non-violent drug offender.

We an only hope Governor Scott is defeated and the next governor has more compassion and common sense.


2 responses to “Pardon Misty, Governor Rick Scott

  1. ted

    rick scott promoted the judge who gave misty this insane sentence…. wendy berger a jeb bush appointee…jebs daughter noelle had multiple drug arrest for much worse than misty and never served a day…..


  2. My heart goes out to this girl. I am a 30 year old female who lives in Venice, Florida. I was in my home state of New York when I had first heard about misty after her step daughter went missing years ago. In my opinion, she was given such a harsh sentence for the drug trafficking situation in relation to what happened to her step daughter. If she wasn’t publicized so much for that, she probably would not have got even close to that many years. I know many people, from New York to Florida ( and across the entire country for that matter) who have fallen into the opiate epidemic in the last decade & up until now. I know many people who have been arrested & even one girl ( older than misty) who happened to be a brand new licensed nurse in the state of Florida named Allison who was caught taking pain pills from residents at a nursing home. the worst that happened to her is she was asked to resign from her job. She wasn’t plastered on TV for it & she was supposedly “a person of trust” and is probably out there making money as a nurse somewhere else. Why wasn’t misty offered rehab? As we all know, people have gotten less time for rape & murder. As for the people who ignorantly still blame her for the disappearance of Haleigh, one thing has nothing to do with the other. In my opinion ( which really doesn’t matter, because I barely know anything about the situation) misty & her husband or boyfriend at the time probably got themselves caught up in some drug related stuff & someone was out for some type of revenge on them for some reason probably related to drugs. I don’t think misty had anything to do with it & I think she was probably shocked about finding the girl gone & appropriately called 911 & reported it. Also Florida happens to have a ton of pedofiles & homeless people & maybe thought that Misty, being a small framed young woman who was probably asleep at the time, would be an easy target to snatch a child from in the middle of the night. Who really knows what happened & I have a feeling Misty dosent know either. Regardless of that situation, one has nothing to to with the other & she should not be locked up for the rest of her life for drug trafficking. Drug addiction is a disease that many people battle & Misty should have been given a chance to get help. My heart goes out to her for being stuck there for so long even while her mother was ill & passing away. I hope Florida can get its crooked judicial system in check because the amount of injustice dealt in this state is truely disturbing. A perfect example of that is Casey Anthony who actually DID the crime being acquitted while Misty is in prison for hundreds of years for “drug trafficking”. Unfucking real. excuse my language but the unfairness is disgusting. I truely hope Misty is let out soon. My prayers are with her.


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