Misty Writes

pen and paper

“Thank you so much for not giving up on me,  it means so much to me. I really don’t get mail so when I do get it it makes my day. All I really got is my Dad and brothers. Nothing new going on here, just still trying to get my GED. It’s so hard but I’ll get it. I won’t give up. I hope something good happens this year.”



3 responses to “Misty Writes

  1. Fred Sobel

    Dear Misty,

    You were a mere child when the incidents happened and you’ve surely suffered enough. I don’t think you had a mean bone in your body and any stupid mistakes you made were without malicious intent. The people in charge should remember the saying: “There but for the grace of God go I”. They should also recall when they were teenagers and the foolish decisions they made at that age.

    I hope some sanity and compassion takes hold in the minds of the powers-that-be and that you are the beneficiary of that.

    Best wishes,



  2. She will never get out until they find that little girl!!!! She is not in prison because of drugs, it is because of the murdering of a little girl, she is an assessory to murder, that is why she will rot in prison. Wake up! You should have called the police Misty and saved the baby you were supposed to protect. You allowed her murder to happen!


    • Then, by your own admission, Misty is unlawfully in prison and should be released. It is a crime to put someone in prison for a crime they were never charged with and never convicted of. I suggest you look into cases like Polly Klaas, where children were abducted from a home with parents in the house. There was no evidence to charge Misty, let alone convict her.


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