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“Thank you so much for not giving up on me,  it means so much to me. I really don’t get mail so when I do get it it makes my day. All I really got is my Dad and brothers. Nothing new going on here, just still trying to get my GED. It’s so hard but I’ll get it. I won’t give up. I hope something good happens this year.”



Pardon Misty, Governor Rick Scott


Many people are asking why President Obama doesn’t pardon Misty Croslin. The short answer is, even if he wanted to, he can’t. The President can only issue pardons or reduce prison time if the person is convicted of a federal crime.

Since Misty was convicted and sentenced on state charges, only Governor Rick Scott (Republican) of Florida can set her free or reduce her prison time.

Hank Croslin, Misty’s father has already written twice to Governor Scott asking him to give Misty a second chance. I have written to Governor Scott also. There has been absolutely no response from the Governor.

Perhaps Governor Scott can explain to Florida taxpayers why they are keeping Misty in prison for 25 years at a cost of about $30,000 per year for the crime of selling $3,000 worth of pain pills. Is that money well spent?

Misty is not a threat to society. She is a first time non-violent drug offender.

We an only hope Governor Scott is defeated and the next governor has more compassion and common sense.

Help Misty


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There’s an easy way to help Misty Croslin. Right now she is in need of money for food (beyond the meager meals provided) and basic necessities like hygiene products, socks, writing paper and postage stamps so she can write to family and friends. She also needs money so she can make phone calls. Prisons these days charge for everything.

Any donation you can make goes directly into Misty’s account the next day. It’s a great way to show you care. Simply call JPay at 800-574-5729 or go http://www.jpay.com. Misty Croslin’s inmate number is V36472.

December 22

Misty Croslin’s December 22, 2015 appeals hearing has been reschedule to March 8, 2016.

Let’s hope the additional time allows her attorney to put together a winning case.

Happy Birthday, Misty Croslin!

Misty’s birthday is December 9th. If you’d like to send her a card to wish her well and show your support, here’s the address:

Misty J. Croslin V36472

Lowell Correctional Institution

11120 N. W. Gainesville Road

Ocala, FL 34482

Next Court Date: December 22, 2015

Misty Croslin appeared for her appeal in Florida’s Fifth District Court on Friday, November 6th. Misty now has an attorney, Tonya Cromartie, the first really qualified legal representation she’s ever had through this whole long ordeal. To allow more time to prepare a proper appeal on all charges, the case was rescheduled for December 22nd. Let’s hope for a Christmas miracle.

All Eyes on Florida Courts

Misty Croslin needs your thoughts and prays and a good laywer as she prepared to have her appeal heard on Friday, November 6th, 2015.

Currently serving two 25 year sentences and two $500,000 fines for the crime of? Selling about $3,000 worth of pain pills to undercover police in a sting operation that targeted Misty. A six year sentence was available under sentencing guidelines, but Judge Wendy Berger chose to over-ride those sentencing guidelines for a first time non-violent youthful offender and sentence Misty as if she were the head of a Mafia family importing and selling millions of dollars of drugs.

Meanwhile, President Obama and his justice department recognize the insanity of the lengthy drug sentences and have released dozens of federal prisoners who were too harshly sentenced. “The time does not fit the crime,” the President said recently.

Unfortunately, under US law, the president can only pardon or facilitate early release for prisoners charged with federal crimes in federal prisons. It is Florida Governor Rick Scott who holds the key to pardoning Misty or releasing her early.

Let’s hope sanity prevails.

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