Appeal Denied for Misty Croslin


NEW 4 JAX is reporting …

Misty Croslin was denied a motion for a reduced sentence on a  2010 conviction on drug trafficking charges.

Croslin testified in St. Johns County in March, asking a judge to overturn her conviction and sentence. But the judge found Croslin had adequate representation and denied the motion for a reduced sentence.

Croslin claimed that her plea was involuntary because her lawyer, Robert Fields, told her that if she pleaded no contest, she would be sentenced to a maximum of six years in prison as a youthful offender.

“He pretty much just told me not to worry … everything is going to be OK,” Croslin said. “I was under medication and wasn’t fully aware of what was going on. I put all my trust in him.”

Croslin admitted that judges in both St. Johns and Putnam counties told her she would face a 25-year mandatory minimum sentence, but thought that was the maximum, not the sentence she would receive.

Croslin’s father, Hank Croslin, also testified that Fields said repeatedly that his daughter would not get more than six years in prison because she had never been in legal trouble before.

Now my personal comments:

This is terrible news. Thoughts and prayers go out to Misty and her family. The American justice system is rigged and broken. Two 25 year sentences for selling $3,000 worth of pain pills?

All the result of being set up in a police sting that was organized in direct relation to an entirely different investigation. It’s obvious that law enforcement, the District Attorney’s office and Judge Wendy Berger are not being truthful when they say Misty’s drug case had nothing to do with any other legal matter.

I call upon the U.S. Justice Department to launch an investigation into the improper entrapment, prosecution and sentencing of Misty Croslin.

Free Misty Croslin!




Legal Fees

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Misty Croslin has come so far. But fighting for her freedom against ridiculous drug laws comes at a price. To pay for her appeals attorney, the family is trying to raise $17,500. (Remember, Misty has to appeal convictions in two separate counties.)

You can donate as little as $5 and as much as your heart and circumstances allow. None of us can do it alone. But if we all come together and pitch in what we can, the goal will be reached. Paypal and all major credit cards are accepted.

The fundraiser is being done by Misty’s father and a friend of the family. All money raised goes for Misty’s legal defense. (This blog has nothing to do with setting up the fundraiser.)

If you would like to donate, go to

Help Misty


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There’s an easy way to help Misty Croslin. Right now she is in need of money for food (beyond the meager meals provided) and basic necessities like hygiene products, socks, writing paper and postage stamps so she can write to family and friends. She also needs money so she can make phone calls. Prisons these days charge for everything.

Any donation you can make goes directly into Misty’s account the next day. It’s a great way to show you care. Simply call JPay at 800-574-5729 or go Misty Croslin’s inmate number is V36472.

American Justice Game: Pay to Play

Can you match the crime to the prison time?

A) Selling $3,000 of pain pills.

B) Selling millions of dollars of cocaine and ordering the deaths of over 200 people.

C) Killing four people and severely wounding nine others while driving high and drunk.

> > > Court sentences:

D) Two 25 year prison terms, two $500,000 fines, five years probation.

E) 15 years and a $25,000 fine.

F) One year counseling, ten years probation.

MISTY CROSLIN was sentenced to two 25 year prison terms, two $500,000 fines and five years probation for selling $3,000 of pain pills when she was targeted in a police sting operation.

Columbian drug lord GRISELDA BLANCO was sentenced to 15 years in prison and a $25,000 fine for importing and selling untold millions of dollars of cocaine and being implicated in the murders of over 200 people.

Rich kid ETHAN COUCH received one year of counseling at a posh resort after he killed four people and seriously injured nine others by plowing into them with his truck while he was high and drunk.

America justice is a strange game. The seriousness of the crime has little to do with the actual sentence. People who commit monumental crimes but have millions of dollars can afford top-notch attorneys and experts who can challenge, negotiate and defeat prosecutors.

Misty Croslin is poor. Her family has no money. Her public defender didn’t bother to put up a defense. Instead he just told her to plead guilty because the most she will get is six years. Surprise! The judge and law enforcement had 25 years in mind.

Who gets targeted. How they are charged. What resources they have to defend themselves. All part of the rigged game called American justice.

It’s a crime to be poor in America. And yes, you will pay for it.

Misty Writes From Prison

“You know it gets so hard in this place. As of right now we are all on lock down the whole prison so we can’t go outside or nothing. I don’t want to be here for 25 years.” — Misty Croslin

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